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About Rhyme Antics

Rhyme Antics is a vocabulary gaming company inspired by Hiphop, suitable for both children and adults. It is reputable for being the first black-owned game sold in two of the biggest retail stores, Target and Walmart.


The Founder and CEO of Rhyme Antics, Chantel Calloway needed to raise $100,000 through crowdfunding and required our services to launch a successful email campaign to achieve this goal.

Getting To Work

The team worked with Chantel’s goals and timeline to deliver the best services needed to achieve her goal. We managed the entire 45-day crowdfunding email campaign in line with her company’s request. Based on research carried out on her target audience, we provided 20 beautifully-written email copies and also designed breath-taking templates for the copies.


The email copies performed exceptionally well during the email campaign! Rhyme Antics was able to crush its $100,000 crowdfunding target.
In only 45 days!


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About Luxury Egyptian Linen

Founded in 2005, Luxury Egyptian Linen is a home and lifestyle brand that specialises in providing high-quality beddings and bed accessories at affordable costs. Their primary target market is individuals who want comfort and class in their bedrooms and are willing to invest in transforming their rooms to look like luxury hotels.

What Did They Need?

As of the time they contacted us, Luxury Egyptian Linen needed growth services to expand their customer reach and drive more sales. The only online platform they had was their website and they were spending a ton of money on ads that weren't yielding results.

How Did We Help?

The team set to work and did thorough research to understand their brand, target market, and business needs.
Upon the research and consultation, we helped with :

1) Email Campaign Management

They needed professional email campaign management services, which include email strategy, sales-converting email copies, captivating designs and email automation.

2) Email Strategy

The best email marketing are products of exceptional strategies. We created a customised email strategy, true to Luxury Egyptian Linen's brand, guaranteed to strengthen the business-customer relationship and record high conversions.

3) Email Copy and Design

Watch the founder’s review below.

Understanding their brand's message and their client's desires, we created emails that combined both aspects through excellent storytelling and beautiful email designs.

4) Email Automation

The team set up effective and converting email automation to improve email management services in the future.

5) Ad Copies

Our team of ad copywriters provided expertly written Facebook ad copies that tapped into LEL's target audience's innate desires for luxury and comfort.

6) Social Media Management

We created a Facebook account and page where we created and posted daily engaging content that spotlighted their high-quality products, home decor, and home management tips.


These are the incredible results they recorded


Increase in organic traffic to the website


Email Open Rate


Click through Rate.


Growth in organic Facebook followers in 3 months.

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Outstanding work. They took the time to research my business, and really dive deep into what would make the customer keep reading. They rewrote a 14 email introduction series and created stunning graphics and design. She delivered on time, with an exceptional product

Dr. Ruth Roberts

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