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Best email automation tools for ecommerce business.

Indeed, email automation has become an indispensable part of top online businesses and organizations. This is why a significant step in growing your ecommerce store is choosing a platform that'll help your email marketing campaign get great results with the best approaches.

This article explores what email automation is, why your ecommerce business needs it, and the best email automation tools on the market that will help you grow if used appropriately.

Let's begin by understanding what email automation is all about.

What Is Email Automation?

As the name suggests, email automation involves sending emails to a group of recipients automatically. It consists of creating emails and sending them through automation software at a specific time to a specific category of your audience, depending on specific criteria.

Based on a given action, you could send targeted automated emails at designated times to new email subscribers, first-time customers, someone who abandoned their cart on your ecommerce store, etc. This helps build and nurture relationships with existing, present, and potential customers on your email list.

Why Email Automation?

It takes effort to create effective email campaigns, but there's limited time to create individual emails for your customers.

Yet, you can’t spray email at your entire database either because when most customers receive messages that aren't relevant, they unsubscribe.

One fantastic thing about email automation is that you can track data from each of your campaigns to measure their impact and see what works the best for your business.

The benefits of email automation to ecommerce businesses include

1. Higher Purchase Rates

With email automation platforms, you can customize your segments based on demographic, social, and transactional data to help you plan your next marketing move confidently and know your customers' buying habits.

2. Effective Drip Email Campaigns

You can engage your leads through drip campaigns by sending automated, scheduled emails during a specific period. You'll be looking at an 80% higher open rate and 300% higher click-through-rates!

3. Growing your subscriber lists

When integrated with a top-notch data tool, your email automation outline may increase your subscriber list with qualified potential buyers by up to 10% within three months.

4. Using key metrics to boost automated emails.

Email analytics and automation help you find the right places to hit with your email marketing campaigns, so you aren’t just blasting out messages to your customers and wishing for the best.

5. Keeping your brand consistent.

Without worrying about scheduling and segmenting each email to a specific audience, you can spend more quality time developing top-shelf messages and keeping your brand consistent with all of your customers.

6. Attracting uncertain prospects

Email automation tools let you automate your outreach, keeping your brand closer to potential customers who are interested in your product or services but aren't quite ready to buy.

6 Top Email Automation Tools For Ecommerce Businesses

Here are the six top ecommerce email automation software you can choose from


Klaviyo has an excellent email automation platform for integrations, reporting, as well as customer segmentation. According to Andrew Bialecki and Ed Hallen, developers of this software, Klaviyo assists growth-focused brands in driving more sales with highly targeted, hyper-relevant email, Facebook, and Instagram marketing.

Thumb Ups

Thumb Downs

Easy to use and standard functionality.

Costilier compared to others on the list.

Analytics tools to monitor email campaign effectiveness.

No extensive email design features.

Outstanding segmentation and customization capabilities.


MailChimp delivers features that have come to define the email marketing software space. These features include segmentation, CRM, behavioral targeting, customer journey, marketing automation, transactional/trigger-based email, reports, A/B testing, surveys, and recommendations.

Thumb Ups

Thumb Downs

An excellent free plan with a CRM.

High subscription fees.

Comes with a broad range of tools, including geo-tracking.

Automation capabilities lacking compared to other options.

Excellent integrations, including Google Analytics.

Steep learning curve for the interface and navigation.


HubSpot comes with email marketing, forms, landing pages, contact management, live chat, integration with social media, and analytics on traffic and conversion. It offers adaptive testing, blogging, automation, follow-up emails, retargeting campaigns, custom reporting, and landing page reporting. Hubspot excels in the automated workflows that let you quickly set triggers for your email subscribers and nurture the leads into customers (or whatever else you want them to do).

Thumb Ups

Thumb Downs

Easy to use and intuitive user interface.

It could be pretty expensive for small businesses.

Lots of free features.

It limits mass emails.

Automated customer interaction tracking software.

Inadequate A/B testing for automated emails.


MailerLite is an excellent option for anyone who wants a straightforward email marketing service. You’re a creator who doesn’t need a ton of noise. You just need the tools to start your newsletter or manage a simple campaign. It’s also lovely for teams.

MailerLite has an interactive editor, which makes it easy for anyone to create high-quality messages. Segment your subscribers to enhance personalization and optimize your campaigns with features like A/B testing.

Thumb Ups

Thumb Downs

Offers tools for automation, landing pages, pop-ups, and surveys even when you're in the free stage.

Chunky email approval method.

The UI for each one is pretty interactive and straightforward.

Does not integrate well with specific tools/platforms like WordPress, Instagram, etc.

Regular A/B testing campaigns.

Creation of Workflow group/segment might be a bit tough for first-time to understand.


Moosend offers an email marketing solution for ecommerce store owners.

From its easy-to-use email builder and interactive segmentation tool to its accurate real-time analytics, Moosend has the core features to ace your email marketing campaigns.

An ecommerce AI is another cool feature on Moosend as it uses machine learning and collaborative filtering to show customers products they might like based on the shopping habits of similar customers.

Thumb Ups

Thumb Downs

Generous free plan.

Basic sign-up forms.

Easy user interface and high-quality templates.

Lacking native integrations.

Built-in automation plus responsive support.

Fewer templates.


Omnisend is an easy-to-use email marketing solution that’s custom-made for ecommerce sites. They offer numerous features like automated email and SMS messaging to convert leads into customers. They combine text messages, web browser push notifications, email marketing, Google Customer Match, and Facebook ad retargeting to link you with the most customers possible.

All Omnisend channels allow for segmented campaigns meaning you’ll be able to pinpoint the customer you need for your product or services.

Thumb Ups

Thumb Downs

Easy for new users to navigate with several pre-built email templates and customizable workflows.

Limited email templates for users with no experience with email design.

Premium automation editor

Lack of Update Changelogs.

Centralized dashboard lets you track analytics and send your customers messages on social media, SMS, or email.

Only Shopify and API integrations support web push notifications, and Facebook retargeting.

No coding skills are required to adjust automation sequences;

iOS does not support Omnisend’s web push technology.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right email automation tool for your ecommerce depends on your business goals, needs, and budget.

Email automation tools are great. However, using a fantastic email marketing tool without engaging your audience is a waste of time and money.

Hence, including top-notch copywriting services to a great email marketing tool rewards you with maximum results for your efforts, keeping your ecommerce store relevant in the fast-evolving business game.


Work with our expert email copywriting and automation experts to skyrocket your ecommerce store today!


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