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Facebook Business Manager: All You Need To Know

If you are still struggling with running and managing your Facebook pages and ads through your personal account or manually assigning roles and sharing logins, you need Facebook Business Manager.

For ecommerce businesses running paid ads to grow their business, owning a Facebook Business Manager account has become a necessity for successful ads and account management.

And a big part of navigating it is setting up your Facebook Business Manager.

It’s now crucial to use it to securely manage your Facebook pages and ad accounts in one place seamlessly.

It may seem daunting and complex, but this guide will help you break it down and give you all the insights into its advantages, features, and benefits.

What is Facebook Business Manager?

Now known as Meta Business Suite, it was Launched in 2014 by Facebook, and it has helped many businesses organize their pages and advertising accounts.

It’s a free tool that allows businesses owners like you to securely manage multiple Facebook Pages, business assets, pixels, ad accounts, and product catalogs in one place without having to share login information with another party.

You can also manage it from your business account to increase your marketing efforts if you have an Instagram account.

With your Facebook Business Manager account, you can:

  • Manage multiple pages and ad accounts from one place

  • Give access and remove or add roles seamlessly and securely delegate tasks to your team members.

  • Grant different permission levels to team members based on business objectives

  • Keep your business activities separate from your personal profile

  • Manage your billing details, and ads spend

  • Access your business’s valuable pixel data

  • Build custom audiences for advertising efforts

  • Track your Facebook ads and get detailed reports to show how those ads performed

  • Give your pages, and ads access without giving up ownership of your assets.

  • Be assured that your account and personal information are secure.

How To Set Up Your Account

1. Create a Facebook Business Manager account

Go to business.Facebook.com, create an account and fill out the form with the basic information such as your business name and your business email address.

2. Link your Facebook pages, claim and add your assets

Here you can now add an existing Facebook business page and claim and add your business assets such as pages, pixels, product catalogs, etc. This way, you can easily manage your multiple pages without switching between different profiles.

3. Add an Ad Account

If you’re already using Facebook ads, you can link your existing ad account to your business manager account, and if you do not have one, you can simply create one. Enter your details and indicate what you’re using the ads account for.

4. Add the users to your Business Manager account.

You can add the team members who use your Facebook business page and ad campaigns. Simply enter their email addresses to share access and assign them appropriate business roles.

5. Link your Instagram account

Now that you have set up your account, you can also connect your Instagram account to Facebook Business Manager to easily manage your account and ads.

6. Set up your Facebook Pixels

This unique code generated by Facebook for you allows you to measure, optimize and build audiences for your ad campaigns. Linking this code to your website is highly beneficial to your business as it improves your conversions, optimizes your Facebook ads, and much more.

7. Upgrade your security

Facebook business manager offers you extra security for your business assets, and you can set up a two-step authentication to further beef up your business account.

Easy Steps To Create Your First Ads Campaign In Facebook Business Manager

With your account fully set up and ready to work for you, only one thing remains, launching your first Facebook ad campaign. Facebook ads, when done right, have a significant impact on your ROI and conversion rate.

Here are easy tips for running your ads:

  • Know and understand your target audience

  • Set your objectives

  • Have a compelling keyword-rich ad copy and a showstopper headline that instantly attracts attention.

  • Use high-quality videos and images that complement your copy and headline.

  • Follow all the guidelines.

  • Choose your campaign objectives.

  • Target your audience audience

  • Set your budget and choose an appropriate schedule

  • Select the specific ad type and placement you need

  • Test your ads and choose the one that does best

  • Launch your campaign

  • Track, analyze, and measure your campaign progress and performance


Facebook Business Manager is the perfect secure one-stop to manage your Facebook business assets and delegate and revoke access to your Facebook pages, ad accounts, and other valuable assets.

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