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Paid Ads Winning Strategies for eCommerce businesses: How and When to use each platform

If you own an ecommerce business, one of the best methods to get more traffic and sales to your store is through paid ads.

Building something isn't enough, as any online creator will agree. You also have to put substantial effort into promoting what you have created so that your target customers know about it.

This post explores how paid ads are a winning strategy for ecommerce businesses and when to use each advertising platform.

Paid Advertising For Ecommerce

Paid advertising is an online advertising strategy where advertisers bid to participate in auctions to display their ads within available slots on a given network or platform. It's a form of internet advertising a marketer or company pays for.

As an ecommerce store owner, you can pay for platforms like Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, to show your online ads.

However, before you consider a paid ads platform for your business, you should determine the goal of your ecommerce marketing strategy. It could be to:

  • Retarget interested customers who are yet to convert,

  • Target visitors who abandoned their shopping cart without buying,

  • Generate more traffic for occasional sales, or

  • Reach new audiences, locations, and markets.

Whichever it is, ensure your marketing goal is crystal clear so you can identify the role paid ads will play in smashing your set goal.

6 Top Paid Ads Platform For Ecommerce With Reasons (Not) To Choose Them

Google Ads

It's almost beyond debate that Google Ads is one of the best ad networks available today. With this platform, you can put up paid ads search ads on Google search engine results pages.

Also, with the Google Display Network feature, you can advertise on top websites making Google Ads a great platform to boost brand visibility and gain new customers.

Google ads are flexible and work for virtually any product you want to sell, especially non-perishables and digital goods.



Wide reach

Intense competition

800% return on ad spend

Strict content monitoring and standards

Ideal for small and medium businesses with limited resources and low budget

Learning the nuances takes time and effort, creating a need to work with experts

Easily integrates with top software making it an excellent choice for multiple campaigns

Tends to get expensive when more prominent companies bid 6+ figures a year on specific keywords

Facebook Ads

The number of people using Facebook each month adds up to about 2.9 billion as per 2022 data drawn from Facebook. So, getting your product to millions of people, including potential customers, is one practical reason to add Facebook Ads to your ecommerce marketing campaigns.

Facebook offers diverse ads for online advertising, which help you hit your campaign targets. By increasing your reach and getting your products to target customers, you can build brand awareness for your ecommerce business. You can also multiply your purchase rates with smart targeting on Facebook to drive both new and returning purchases from customers.

Facebook Ads is ideal for food, tech, fashion products, and any product that can advertise effectively via engaging copy, images, or attractive videos.



Grants access to billions of potential customers

Intense competition

Helps you locate your audience

Strict content monitoring, and standards

Remarkable targeting techniques

Takes resources to learn and leverage effectively

Optimized engagement with video ads

Getting more costly with ever-increasing competition

Instagram Ads

Another immense platform ecommerce store owners should consider for paid advertising is Instagram. Although it mainly involves visual ads, Instagram provides a way to get your product across to millions of people briefly.

Being the most downloaded app in 2021, Instagram is a brilliant place for brand-oriented ecommerce businesses to thrive.

What's more?

You can connect Instagram directly to your product or landing page to help your users engage quickly with your products. The best products to sell on IG are visually appealing and promptly filmed, like cosmetics, clothing, kitchenware, food, and health care products.



Highly engaged users

Demand for top-quality attention-grabbing content, which may require lots of resources

75% of users on Instagram take action on ads they see via their feed.

The need for high-quality visuals

Outstanding targeting system

IG stories, reels, IGTV, shopping ads, and other features make Instagram a marketer's paradise.

Customers can buy products without leaving IG

YouTube Ads

YouTube has about 2 billion monthly users and is a fantastic platform that provides you with the opportunity to boost brand awareness as a part of your conversion funnel and direct traffic to your digital store. Ignoring YouTube ads for your ecommerce store is leaving good money hanging in the air.

It makes a lot of sense to use YouTube for products that involve educational or informational content. You can use product reviews, demonstration or explanation videos to guide your customer's purchase decision.



Part of Google's Ad system

Annoyingly interruptive video ads delivery to users

Wide audience of diverse people

Cost to make high-quality videos

Tailored and engaged audience

Twitter Ads

Since launching in 2006, Twitter has been a formidable source for breaking news and engaging with big-name influencers, celebrities and stakeholders across all categories.

It might not be the first option that pops in your head but it is a great platform to consider for top-notch ecommerce marketing. However, it's better to grow your Twitter organically if you're just starting out rather than opting for the paid option.

Facebook and Google ads are better options when starting fresh with paid ads. But Twitter is ideal if your products target a male audience as 61.6% of Twitter users are male.



Higher rate of engagement

It's more expensive than Facebook Ads although with a higher engagement rate

Little to know competition with only a few businesses advertising to millions of people

Limited analytics and precision

Highly engaged audience for digital ads

Lower audience reach as only about 187 million people use Twitter compared to Facebook's 2.9 billion users


As one of the freshest ad platforms in the digital space, TikTok Ads gives you a unique opportunity to promote your business to a young and engaged demographic.

With over 1 billion users globally and with a global average of 52 minutes spent watching videos on the app, TikTok is a great platform to explore influencer marketing and promote your product organically.



Super engaged audience

It's more expensive to advertise

Helps you get creative with your ads

Lack of ad placements as ads tend to interrupt users who have to swipe away on their For You page.

Integrates seamlessly with platforms like Shopify from which you can create new posts on TikTok without leaving Shopify.

You have to use creative methods familiar to TikTok

TikTok's videos-only policy can strain your budget due to production costs.


At the end of the day, we all want to drive traffic and increase sales as ecommerce store owners.

With the progressive evolution of online advertising platforms, it has become more essential to select the right advertising platform for your business by comparing their strengths and weaknesses to find the one that best engages your audience.

Then keep testing and experimenting until you uncover the perfect formula that gives you the best results.

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